Total view Kube Kiosk with golden anodized façade

Golden Sides

We are proud to be a part of: The Kube Kiosk in front of the K11 Musea shopping centre in Hong Kong is adorned with a golden anodised facade. It was designed by the Dutch star architect Rem Kohlhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA.

The soft shimmer, which changes depending on the amount of daylight, makes the compact building to something very special: Its mat, elegant sheen, which is additionally supported by lighting at night, makes it look like a sculptural sign on the bank facing Victoria Harbour. The architects themselves describe it as a “multifunctional installation” – passers-by and shopping center visitors can meet here for a coffee, take a short rest and enjoy the city for a moment. The Kube Kiosk is also to be used for public events – at particularly large events, a huge red balloon will adorn its roof as an “urban pin”.

To anodised surfaceE6/EV3 BAUMESSING and other colours

More information about the project Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA

Project: Kube, Hongkong
Architect: OMA / Ronald Lu & Partners
Client: seele GmbH
Copyright Foto: © seele