Anodized aluminium protects the expanded metal facade reliable from environmental influences.


On the occasion of the reopening of the Inter-European borders, we would like to highlight this building, which was equipped with an expanded metal facade anodized by us. Its matt metallic sheen and its three-dimensional, semi-transparent appearance brings lightness to the building.

On the border between Switzerland and Italy, this three-storey, curved customs facility in the city of Brig-Gils sets an architectural accent: in addition to border guards and civil customs, there are rooms for shipping companies and outdoor facilities for carrying out checks. It was designed by the local office of Albrecht Architekten.

Our anodized parts are particularly suitable for reliable, long-term protection against environmental influences such as weathering or mechanical stress, especially in the case of small-scale shaped elements such as expanded metals: In the anodizing process, the protection is not applied to the pieces as a film, but is achieved by a chemical transformation of the top metal layer.


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Expanded metals: Sennrich AG, CH-Meilen