The opinion of customers is very important to HD Wahl.

The Blind Spot…

– much quoted and often feared.
Each of us has traits that are invisible to ourselves but easily to see for others. Because we as a company HD Wahl GmbH are certainly also “business-blind” at one point or another, we asked our partners and customers about their perceptions at the end of last year.

We wanted to know: How precisely do our service and performance offers meet the respective requirements and needs of our customers?

Gratifying 55 percent of the representatively selected decision-makers and company leaders reported back to us with their assessments.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation, the interesting impulses and the interest shown in the continuous development of our business relationship!

Thanks to your support, we have succeeded in reducing our ‘blind spot’ – and that is a very gratifying experience!