Surface treatment consulting

The possible range of surfaces that are available today, is hard to envisage for architects, planners and builders. A personal and above all objective consultation answering all of your questions concerning surfaces, design, technology, and in economic terms will help you. Stove-enamel colouring systems for metal and façade constructions are available too, as well as all procedures regarding anodisation. We are happy to help! Just make an appointment with one of our experts by calling us on +49-(0)8225-999-74

We offer:

  • Individual colour consultation, based in different surface samples
  • Samples according to your specifications and requirements
  • Information on sustainability and lifespans of our products

We can advise you on:

  • Tenders
  • Lifespan costs of our products, and surface upkeep for value retention
  • Distribution times and guarantees

We answer your questions on:

  • Quality, durability and technical options
  • Use of different materials
  • Cleaning requirements and recommendations

Our consulting areas

Surface consultation

Creative consultations regarding surfaces, colours and much more

Together with architects, planners and engineers, we continuously create new surfaces that meet the growing demands in the decorative surface finishing in metal and façade construction market. Possible applications of stoving enamel systems in metal and façade construction are a large part of our business focus as well as all other anodisation procedures.

Do you have any questions concerning surface refinement technology or need inspiration to implement your design?
Then contact us phoning +49(0)-8225-999-74

We are happy to help you: objectively, fast and informatively!

Consultation on windows and ventilation elements

Do you have questions concerning doors, ventilation elements or wings in glass or glass bricks constructions?

Depending on the requirements, we can offer these in glossy aluminium or in thermally separated designs. For this, we use our own profile system and exclusive, yet well-known manufactures for the metal fittings. Contact us, and we will find a suitable solution!


Feel free to contact us – We are pleased to consult you