Our extensive product portfolio comprises the entire repertoire of highly decorative and high-quality aluminium surfaces.

With architects, planners and engineers, we collaborate to develop new surfaces that meet the demands of the current trends in decorative surface finishing in metal and façade construction.


Through an electrochemical process, known as anodization, the aluminium surface is transformed into an extremely hard and scratch-resistant aluminium oxide layer.

Surfaces | colours

As a planner and user, the range of design options with various surface treatments, colours and effects such as metallic or mica, is almost unlimited.

Liquid Coating

In our state-of-the-art plants, the aluminium components are coated with a liquid coating, which is later burnt-in.

Mechanical Production

In our department for the making of architectural elements, we have been producing doors, ventilation elements, windows, and window wings for many years, both for glass constructions and glass brick constructions.


Owing to neglect in the maintenance of facades and/or specific properties of organic layers/anodizing, many buildings show lasting damages to the surface of the facades.