Quality assurance means continuously testing and improving

Our quality assurance system (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001) ensures that our company’s quality processes and procedures are constantly checked and improved. Our aim is to always meet the requirements of our customer.

Our surface refinement systems are constantly monitored by various quality associations, and as such have been awarded numerous certificates.

See for yourself:

Erdkugel auf schwarzem Hintergrund.

Saving energy and reducing greenhouse emissions – a continuous process

One of our business priorities is the responsible management of all required resources for production, and to ensure environmental pollution is prevented.

In order to constantly improve our company’s energy efficiency, we regularly analyse the key figures and information. Our energy management system (certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001) helps us to continuously reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

As a requirement for this, our company uses state of the art processes and equipment technologies, as well as ensuring the financial means for permanent investments in the development of future-orientated technologies.

HD Wahl bleibt durch Innovationen wie die photokatalytische Oberfläche nachhaltig und umweltfreundlich.

Our innovations are helping to improve air quality

Photocatalytic surfaces

Our treated façade components are more than just their attractive look. For example, we have coated a client’s façade with titanium dioxide; this treatment has the advantage of self-cleaning. This treatment also contributes to the improvement of air quality, especially in inner-city areas (see diagram above).

The photocatalytic self-cleaning effect refers to a property of surfaces which are coated with photocatalysts, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles. Organic materials and nitrogen oxide (see illustration) are corroded on the surface after prolonged exposure to solar radiation. With the photocatalytic self-cleaning effect, the surface will remain clean and have an antimicrobial effect. These surfaces are extremely hydrophilic, resulting in water droplets forming a thin layer, so that no streaming can be seen on the surface.

Durch die regelmäßige Überprüfung unserer Prozesse verbessern wir die Nachhaltigkeit unserer Leistungen und Produkte kontinuierlich.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability resulting from clear structures

By regularly reviewing our processes, we are continuously improving the sustainability of our services and products.

Our environmental management system (certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001) ensures that our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable from production, and throughout their lifespan.

The management system defines the commercial responsibilities, procedures and requirements to implement our structured corporate environmental policy.

We have been a member of the “DGNB” and the “Institut Bauen und Umwelt” (IBU; Institute for building and environment) for many years.

Air purification converts solvents into valuable fuel

In our coating plant, we process all highly durable liquid coating systems. Many of these systems (including “High-Solids”) require significant amounts of solvents (known as VOCs) during processing. To prevent these chemicals from entering the environment, they are trapped in our catchment system, concentrated further, and used a fuel source for our thermic processes. This ensures our energy consumption is kept to a minimum.