Sortimo Innovation Park


Project Sortimo Innovation Park, Zusmarshausen / DE
Architect WUNDERLE + PARTNER Architekten mbB, Neusäß / Steppach / DE
Surface DURAFLON® Sapphire Silver
Fabricator EBENER GmbH Fassaden-Profiltechnik, Bad Marienberg / DE
Photos Conné van d‘ Grachten
Illuminated, curved e-charging columns under the roof of the Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen.
Curved and gently shimmering shape of the Sortimo Innovation Park with large roof overhang

New dimensions in Duraflon® Sapphire Silver.

With 72 charging points, the Sortimo Innovation Park in Zusmarshausen is not only Europe’s largest electric charging park, but also a campus for digitalisation, energy efficiency and innovation.

Terrace of the gastronomy in front of the gently shimmering, curved building
General view of the illuminated Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen in the evening light.