SANDALOR® turquoise blue , is the colour of the sky and the oceans.

Deep turquoise blue…

… is the colour of the sky and the oceans, of peace and vastness, of purity, of distance and longing. The rich turquoise blue of the facade lamellas on the Schulz company building in Welzheim appears almost glassy.

With its mat stain finish and the iridescent play of colours, typical of anodising, which is created between lighter and darker nuances of the same basic tone, it lends the building it’s very own, identity-giving power. E6/S160-1 turquoise is the name of the tone from the SANDALOR colour range that radiates so much freshness.

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Seitensicht der FassadenelementeIf you want to know more about the Schulz company building in Welzheim, please have a look at our reference page.